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Sometimes you don't need special muscle stretching or therapy.  Sometimes you just want to relax. For those looking for a soothing spa experience, our expert massage therapists now offer hot stone therapy.

During your hot stone therapy, your massage therapist will heat and place stones on key trigger spots of your body. The heat from the stones seeps into the muscle and causes a quicker, deeper relaxation that is enjoyable on its own or as a precursor to a massage.

Enjoy the comfort and the health benefits of massage with the experienced staff at Massage Works! Take time out for yourself with our Swedish massage or improve your joint health with myofascial or neuromuscular treatment.

Hot stone therapy is an ancient, low impact technique that most people find incredibly relaxing and invigorating. The hot stones promote better circulation as your muscles release tension and stress. It's an ideal choice for those looking to add something special to their spa day.

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