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Relieve the pain with intramuscular massage

Do you find it hard to stand up straight? Do you experience nerve compression, decreased circulation, or painful joints? Instead of reaching for the aspirin, let us treat you with neuromuscular therapy.

In neuromuscular therapy, your massage therapist applies expertly directed pressure to trigger points in your body's soft tissue. These trigger points release key blockages, letting your body generate endorphins and improving joint and muscle function.

Our expert massage therapists are thoroughly trained in neuromuscular therapy and can perform it on its own or combined with other styles of massage. Whether you want to enjoy a soothing Swedish massage or a vigorous deep tissue/sports massage, you'll find something for every taste at Massage Works!

Neuromuscular therapy is a holistic approach to treating injuries or ailments of the central nervous system. With proper alignment, your body is better able to heal itself, working on its own or in conjunction with other treatments you may be receiving.

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