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Are you suffering from an injury that just won't go away? Do you have a lingering discomfort in a joint or a muscle that restricts your movements? Then you may need the unique benefits of a myofascial massage.

In a myofascial massage, your massage therapist focuses on stretching and massaging movements on the fascia: the thin membrane that surrounds all the muscles of the body. Imbalances or toxins in the fascia can severely impact your health.

Our team is committed to creating the best massage experience for you. We can incorporate myofascial technique in with other modalities of massage, such as our classic Swedish, or our more modern intramuscular massage.

Myofascial massage is for people suffering for certain kinds of soft-tissue ailments. It incorporates stretching with the massage movements, and it is an effective treatment for chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, strained joints, and even TMJ.

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A myofascial massage is for people who...

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